XelAleX Extirpates Rotators

XelAleX Extirpates Rotators

XelAleX Extirpates Rotators  today due to rampant abuse and misuse of rotators by members at our traffic exchange.  Rotators are an extremely efficient way of minimizing the efforts of advertising but can be a nightmare for the staff in charge of running a traffic exchange.

Members at many traffic exchanges everywhere have either accidentally or intentionally added bad sites to rotators at one time or another.   Neglected rotators eventually contain abandoned sites or domains which sometime cause frame breakers. Finding bad sites is not always an easy task when there are bad sites lurking in the shadows of rotators waiting to pounce on unsuspecting members.

All rotators on AleXelA, AxeLexA, Geckohits, Lizardsurf, Poetrysurf, XarDraX and XelAleX will be henceforth removed as soon as they found.  Members can add up to 20 sites on each of our traffic exchanges and therefore should not have to rely on rotators.

Check Your Sites

Please be sure to check all your sites.  Members who only had rotators at XelAleX will henceforth have a total of zero remaining sites.  A note regarding rotator removal will be additionally added somewhere in the Member Menu.

Members who require more than 20 sites can open additional accounts.  Additional account can have a small letter or number denoting an addition. Example – If your actual name is Xela XelAleX, you can add accounts such as Xela XelAleX 2, Xela XelAleX 3, Xela XelAleX 4, Xela XelAleX 5 , etc. That method would be far better than allowing potential frame breakers and other malware sites to be hidden in rotators.

Frame-breakers and other undesirable sites affect all members and will not be tolerated any longer. There have been many member complaints regarding frame-breakers and other bad sites that have not yet been addressed. Banning frame-breakers will allow our site checkers to quickly find any offending sites.  Bad sites take much more time and effort when they are hiding in large rotators and rear their ugly head once in a magenta moon.

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