XelAleX Drops Hover Surfing

XelAleX Drops Hover Surfing

XelAleX drops hover surfing due to evidence pointing to potential glitches on a well-known browser.  The  reason for dropping the hover surfing method will not be announced unless I find a compelling reason to do so.  I can neither confirm or deny whether  the issue is pertaining to a member surfing issue or whether it is related to the Big Bang theory.

Hover surf was initially designed to replace click surfing by offering a more physically easier way of surfing.  Tedious hand clicking and member requests were the two deciding factors for introducing hover surfing some years ago.   I devised and  implemented card surf, slot surf and dice surf over the last several months to complement the former Hover Surf option.

All my traffic exchanges will retain the four other surfing methods which are two more than any other traffic exchange provides.  The official four remaining surf methods are click surf, card surf, slot surf and dice surf.  All info and current ads mentioning 5 types of surf are hereby null and void and will be removed as there is time to do so.

Hover surfing option will subsequently be removed at AleXelA, AxeLexA, Lizardsurf, Poetrysurf, Geckohits,  and XelAleX as soon as possible.

The surfing method favored by members at all Smoljanovic Enterprises is dice surf.  Dice surf actually generates the most bonuses of all the surf methods available.

There is another project idea in the works for a completely new surfing method but it is too early to divulge any info at this time

Remember to log in and surf regularly at XelAleX in order to keep your account active and ads visible to other members.  Please be aware that account validation and verification id no longer required at any of my traffic exchanges.   Simply create an account and then log in to add sites, banners before surfing.  A sign up bonus is added to member credit total after 50 sites are surfed.  You may log in or sign up by visiting link Members.

XelAleX Drops Hover Surfing

XelAleX Drops Hover Surfing

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