New Dice Roll Option

We have just introduced a new Dice Roll option here at XelAleX Traffic.  It is my most favorite surfing option of all the 5 available today.  Dice Roll will soon be available at all our other sites including Alexela, AxelexaLizardsurf, Geckohits, Poetrysurf, Xardrax, and Xoirdriox.  I hope you like this option as much as Slots Surf and Cards Surf.


The scoring dice are one pair, three of a kind or a 456 straight. Example: one pair of threes and a five scores 5 and equals 2 credits. Any pair combination equals 2 credits. Three of a kind scores whatever number is shown and scores 5 credits. A 4, 5, 6 run equals 3 credits.

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